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That's so...Atlanta

If you have been a fan of Atlanta sports for very long you have undoubtably heard the phrase "We can't have nice things" or "That's so Atlanta". I hate to say it but the sports curse seems to hover over our city. We have one championship...sorry Atlanta United, MLS isn't really a major championship yet. That one championship, won by the Atlanta Braves in 1995, even has a stain of coming following a strike shortened season. I have a friend from Pittsburgh who still gives me a hard time about that championship. We have had a Falcons team break out hearts by ...I can't talk about it.

The "that's so Atlanta" goes back farther than that. Mike Vick's broken leg in preseason, Mike Vick running a dog fighting ring, the Hawks trading Luka, the Hawks trading Pau Gasol, the Hawks drafting Marvin Williams over Chris Paul, the exit of Bobby Petrino, the list goes on and on...

This season for the Braves seems to be setting up to fall into the category of "that's so Atlanta". We started off the season thinking we had a solid rotation. Then Folty did Folty things, Newcomb went nuclear and couldn't find the strike zone, King Felix walked away because of Covid, Hamels' arms exploded throwing a medicine ball, and our best pitcher, Mike Soroka, had his achilles pop.

Yet, despite these set backs, the Braves have continued to win. Our rotation now consists of one guy, Max Fried, who has been AMAZING! I mean Cy Young winner kind of amazing. The lineup, even with guys hitting below 200 in Riley, Camargo, and inning Ender, continues to produce in big spots. We aren't perfect, but with guys returning and the schedule becoming a bit easier, the Braves find themselves atop the NL East.

With a move or two to bolster the pitching staff, the Braves could find themselves in the thick of things, competing for a championship. They might even win a championship, and you know what...in this Covid shortened season, nothing would be more Atlanta than that!

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