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He is Traemendous!

The Trae Young and Luka Doncic comparisons are not ending any time soon. The draft night trade in 2018 between the Atlanta Hawks and the Dallas Mavericks ensured that the two point guards career's would be compared simply to one another. Their early careers have not disappointed. Through their first two years both players are averaging more than 22 points per game. Luka, with is height and size lead Trae in rebounding 8.4 to 3.9 per game. However, Trae's superior speed and court vision gives him the edge in assists with 8.2 compared to 6.9. Simply put, both guys can play in the NBA. So...who won the deal?

Trae Young is Atlanta's next "can't blink or you'll miss it" superstar

I don't mean to be indecisive, but I think both teams won. Dallas got what they needed. A steady superstar that is fundamentally sound, has size, can score, can pass, and can rebound. However, Atlanta also got what it needed. Our town loves an athlete that does it with a little pizzazz. We want a star that can do things others can't do. We idolized Deion Sanders and his "Primetime" persona, and we couldn't look away from the TV if Michale Vick had the ball. Trae Young is Atlanta's next "can't blink or you'll miss it" superstar. He is Houdini with the basketball, making NBA players look like defenders from the local middle school basketball team. He nutmegs players like a PE teacher embarrassing their student in a pick up game. Don't believe me? Just ask Nikola Jokic...

If both players can clearly play and both players have bright futures, why does Luka get all the love on ESPN? There is one reason. Luka plays on a good team with a good coach. He plays alongside another All Star in Kristaps Porzingis and he has a coach that knows what he is doing. There is one thing that is holding Trae Young and the Hawks back from grabbing more healines and his name is Lloyd Pierce. Here is one short example of Lloyd Pierce's poor coaching. In the final moments of the Hawks vs Cavaliers game earlier this year, the Hawks trailed by 3 with 5.1 seconds remaining. Young inbounds the call from the sideline to Vince Carter and then simply steps back in to get the ball back. He doesn't receive a screen and as he shoots there are two other Hawks players standing around him. The back side of the play simply involves a down screen from Hunter for Huerter that the Cavs simply switch. Check out this gem below... (The Plays starts at 9:05 in the video)

Lloyd Pierce is just another coach in the tree of bad Atlanta Hawks coaches

I am hoping that he is just the coach who was brought in to ensure that we lose and build draft capital. It was clear that Coach Bud was fired because he refused to buy into the tank idea that the front office was pushing, but take a moment and imagine what Coach Bud could do with Trae Young. Maybe don't...because it is a bit depressing. Lloyd Pierce is just another coach in the tree of bad Atlanta Hawks coaches. What does that tree look like? Well if you really want to know...here we go. Larry Drew, Mike Woodson, and Terry Stotts. I can't put Lenny Wilkens on that list. I loved Lenny Wilkens!

While the Hawks season looks like another lost campaign. The future remains bright. Trae Young is a true superstar on a team that hasn't had one since Dominique Wilkins. We have young talented players, expiring contracts, and a fan base that is ready for a winning product...all that is missing is a Coach that can put it all together.

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