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Who is the right choice for the Falcons next Head Coach?

My first memories as a Falcons fans involve Chris Chandler, Jamal Anderson, Coach Dan Reeves, and the "Dirty Birds". Since that time, I have seen 2 Super Bowls, 5 coaches, and more quarterbacks than I can attempt to remember. However, during that time, my fandom never wavered. It could have...and honestly it should have. Yet, here I am...nervous about the decision that Arthur Blank has in front of him. I have a right to be nervous, right? We have not gotten a coaching hire right with the Falcons...maybe ever. DQ wasn't the right hire, Mike Smith wasn't the right hire, and Bobby Petrino surely wasn't the right hire for the Falcons. So...who is the right hire for the Falcons this time? Who should they be going after?

I could go through the long list of coaching candidates filled with fresh faces and retreads. We could talk about Eric Bieniemy, Titans OC Arthur Smith, 49ers DC Robert Saleh, or brining back Raheem Morris. However, I don't think that any of those choices are the right choice for the Falcons right now. Because of our current situation with an aging WR and QB and our salary cap nightmare, I think the Falcons actually need to take a risk on this hire. I know that seems crazy. After all the swings and misses, why take another risk? Why not hire the safe choice? Matt Ryan isn't getting any younger. If it doesn't work out, we have an opportunity to start fresh with a new QB and coach (Sorry folks, Ryan isn't going anywhere). If it is a home run, we get several good years from Ryan and then get to bring in the next guy to pair with the creative offensive-minded head coach.

So...who is this creative offensive-minded head coach? Joe Brady. Is it a risk? Absolutely! He is 31 years old and has zero head coaching experience. However, he is a brilliant offensive mind. His time in New Orleans, LSU, and now Carolina has demonstrated an ability to scheme guys open (much like Kyle Shanahan). We have already seen that having a great OC means that you soon will not have a great OC, because someone else will hire him as their head coach. It is time that the Falcons hire an offensive-minded head coach to pair with Matt Ryan. Brady is that guy.

Brady took Joe Burrow from nobody to Heisman Trophy winner and had a Carolina Panthers team performing far above their talents. While he is young and inexperienced, I have seen enough to say that he is the right guy for the Falcons right now. Swing for the fences Falcons, take a risk, and make Joe Brady the next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

Who do you think the Falcons should hire as their next head coach? Agree with my choice in Joe Brady? Think I have lost my mind? Join in on the conversation on Twitter and check out the latest episode of The Atlanta Sports Podcast on your favorite podcasting platform.

Have a great week Atlanta!

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